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Our focus has always been to provide the most efficient and suitable treating options for all sizes of producers and custom operations. 

We believe in providing a quality product that is easy to operate for all users in your operation.


Check out our different Seed Treater packages to see which would best suit your needs.  See something that "almost" fits ??  Give is a call to see how we can help you customize your treater!

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G3 Seed Treater

Here is where it all started - the G3 Seed Treater!


Provides excellent treating coverage, easy to use, calibrated, and is quick to clean-up. 

What's not to love ?? 

Check out more details by clicking on the picture, then check out our package options tab above to find the best fit for your needs.

G40 Seed Treater 

The G40 Seed Treater uses the same method to bring the same top quality seed treating we've grown to love from our G3 Seed Treater.

It's just TWICE AS FAST! 

Combine the G40 Treater with a Mix and Treat System that suits your delivery needs. Then enjoy the peace of mind that comes with increased efficiency, all while maintaining the same great quality.  Click on the picture to check it out!

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Mix and Treat Systems 

A Mix and Treat System is a Chemical Delivery System.  Chemical treatment is delivered from the tank directly into the G3 or G40 treater.

There are two tank sizes, and two pump sizes to choose from.  Click to see the different options available. 

Saddletank Thumbnail.JPG
G3 and G40 Treater Packages 

Our customers have different needs to make their growing seasons a success.  We have several different options and combinations to help you find the right fit for your operation.  

Check out the the tab above, or click the picture, to take you to our package details.

Auger Mount Seed Treater - P1AS

A 30 litre tank and pump mounts directly onto your auger.  Treatment is applied into your auger at a calibrated rate.  This system DOES NOT use the G3 treating method. 


This starter system is compatible with our G3 Saddletank package and could be upgraded.  

Click picture for more info...

P6 for website.png
In-Field 30L Seed Treater - P6

This 30 litre tank and pump combo can mount directly onto your seed cart.  Treat directly into the air drill cart. 


This system DOES NOT use the G3 treating method. 

2013 Mobile 2.jpg
Mobile Seed Treater 

Treat large batches of seed at any location! 


Provides flexibility and exceptional treating quality using our G40 Seed Treater. A practical choice for both large producers and commercial level operations. Click on picture for more details.

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Parts, Services and Product Upgrades

Whether you need replacement parts, or want to customize your system with poly flighting or additional connectors...we can help you out!

Follow the link, or the tab at the top, to take you to any "extras" you may need along the way...

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