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G3 Seed Treater Packages 

The G3 packages all come standard with the 12' long,  7"diameter transfer auger and the G3 Treater with calibrations. 

Packages vary based on the tank and pump preferences.  Customers can choose to use the 30 litre tank, or interchange a 120 or 240 litre Mix and Treat system.   Pumps come in either 110 or 12v power. 

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G40 Seed Treater Packages

The G40 packages all come standard with the 16' long, 8" diameter transfer auger, and the G40 Treater with calibrations. 

Mix and Treat packages are then added in depending on the users tank volume and pump capability needs. 

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Transfer Auger Details 


TX8E Transfer Auger - G40 Package: 

-220vac 3hp motor with built in fwd / rev switch.

-Integrated seed flow control gate for grain flow regulation  

-High speed axles

-Poly flighting  

TX7E Transfer Auger - G3 Package 

-1 1/2hp motor 

-Available in 110V or 220V

-Built in seed flow control gate

-Forward and Reverse switch

-Poly flighting 

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